the story about the name ohlalahydi

it's weekend & i have got so many things on my to-do-list. wish some time the day had more than 24 hours. but first this i have to tell you the following story.
wondering why this blog is called "ohlalahydi"? well, way back, when i was young:), well, younger anyway, when i worked in the fashion-industry in those days, i walked on amsterdam central station. to go to work. a man (who looked like a junkie) saw me and said the (intimate) words i will never forget
"ohlala, wat een tepels" 
"ohlala, those nippels" 
in that time i wasn't wearing any bra's i considered those pieces of fabric awkward, and totally unneccessary. i felt rather shy with ohlala, wat een tepels but like i said, i never forget those kinky words and now they came in handy for my new blog.

here at free people a very nice video about bra's, haha!

hope you are going to have a lovely weekend!

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