how to be parisian wherever you are

is it possible to be/act as someone else
wherever or whatever you are?
that' s not really the question in the book
"how to be parisian wherever you are"
written by 4 parisian women:
caroline de maigret, anne berest,
audry diwan and sophie mas>>>>

"We are four Parisian women who have been friends for ages.  We are very different in many ways, but always agree about the important things.  Our aim here is to give you an insight into the quintessentially Parisian art of being a woman."
i purchased the book today at the bookstore
athenaeum in amsterdam
yes, i would like to know how the parisian girls act, play
and do
showing the "je ne sais quoi" behaviour
haha.. a dutch girl with south american/african roots
isn't that crazy?:)
after athenaeum (i love that store)
i went to the heiligeweg (just a 2 minute walk)
and visited the recently opened store
&other stories
to immediately practice the parisian fashionable live
and i think this will be my store FOR EVER
i looooove their collection(s)
so sophisticated, real grown up clothes,
i had little time
but i boughy myself a wintercoat,
a black long batwing dress
and intimates

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